Welcome! Are you new to Internet Marketing? Join me on this journey!


Greetings Internet World:

I write this message as a newbie and wanted to share some of my insights and lessons learned in my path to becoming a successful internet marketing expert!  I have set a goal of earning a six figure income or more through internet/affiliate marketing and plan on accomplishing this by learning from the experts/mentors who have created very successful internet marketing businesses.  My purpose for writing this is to share with you lessons learned and hopefully assist you in avoiding some of the mistakes I’ve made and will make along this journy. I am passionate about assisting others in achieving their dreams and goals and hope that I can make a difference through this post.

I know there are thousands out there who are like me searching for the answers.  I”m certain that many of you have invested thousands in what I refer to as get rich quick schemes and I share your pain.  I’ve invested signficant time, enery and money in real estate programs, auctions, MLM opportunities and a host of other programs that proclaimed to make you wealthy if you just followed their program.

My intent is to provide you with honest reviews of what has worked and what has not and perhaps who you can trust and who you cannot.  You are probably asking yourself right about now, why should I trust you!  I suppose the answer is that I am no different than you!   I have stated up-front that I am new to this business and have not earned a penny as of this writing.  However, as I earn an income and become successful you can bet I will share my experiences with you.

Right about now you are probably wondering why I have not made any recommendations or provided you with a review of the some of the products/affiliate programs available that will generate an income.  Although I have tried a few, I would prefer to to comment after giving them a chance to produce my desired result.

I will leave you with this one bit of advice, only you can make a difference in your life and create that financial freedom that we all are seeking!  I encourage everyone to share their comments and perhaps some of their expertise in making my dream and goal a reality.


2 Responses to Welcome! Are you new to Internet Marketing? Join me on this journey!

  1. ruckerharris says:

    I look forward to all of the information you can give me. I am in the I am fairly new at this. I am new to wordpress also. I am ruckerharris.

    • Rick says:

      Thanks for your comment! I appreciate your interest and hope that I can provide you useful information. Stay tuned for my next post! If you have specific suggestions on topics that you are interested in please let me know!

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