Generating Online Weatlh – The quest for Anwers

As I continue on my journey to find the answers to building a successful on-line business and generating wealth and achieving my goal of earning an annual six figure income, I am quickly realizing that there may not be one single source to answer my questions on getting started.

I have researched hundreds of “make money on-line sites” and have not found the one that will ultimately guide me to my goal. Perhaps that is one of the first lessons learned along this journey. A single source of information may not exist and therefore I need to decide what my strategy will be to compile the information that is digestible in manageable bites to make daily progress.  So I’m taking a step back and going to focus on finding the best sources of information and a forum to ask questions on building the foundation of my on-line business.

As with any new business start-up, the key to building a successful business is defining your goals, develop your strategy and write your business plan.  The business plan will be your  foundations for success.  So I should take my own advice and write a plan that will guide in my quest for success.   In an effort to fill in the details of my plan I will focus my attention on joining on-line forums that discuss building an online business from the ground up.  I’m certain that the successful gurus figured out how to generate wealth on-line through trial and error.  I’m also quite certain that many are now benefiting from their experiences and continue to build and grow their business by offering money making tips through on-line ebooks and videos that will help you get started.  Thus far I have investigated far too many claims of making large sums of money on-line overnight.  Perhaps that is true with some but I truly believe that the real experts  have built their business over time. 

I believe that is one of the lessons learned thus far, if it is worth going after, you must commit yourself and stick to it!  Avoid getting overloaded with information and stuck in information paralysis.

As a result of my research, I did find a very useful and highly recommended ebook that has guided me thus far in defining terms and giving me a very good overview of on-line marketing.  I highly recommend purchasing this ebook.   The title is “Superaffiliate Handbook” authored by Rosalind Gardner.  It is well written and I found it to contain a wealth of information for understanding some of the basics. 

I will continue to explore and seek out the information so that I can provide you with my lessons learned and recommend other helpful tools and links to other sites that will assist in creating your online buisness and generating wealth.

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